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Guiyang Eco Forum

9:00AM, 10 July 2014
5:00PM, 11 July 2014
Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China
Guiyang Eco Forum

The Climate Group, in partnership with the Gui’an New Area, is set to announce the creation of the China Regional Low Carbon Alliance, a new initiative to drive innovation and leadership around low carbon technologies.

The alliance will be launched at the Guiyang Eco Forum Global Annual Conference, at the Gui’an New Area and The Climate Group joint event, ‘Redefine Regional Green Growth Leadership’ on July 10.

Gui’an New Area is one of the nine national designated new areas, which were officially established across China in January 2014 to promote regional development in areas including culture, society and politics. The Gui’an New Area was nationally tasked with protecting natural reserves and developing an ‘eco-civilization’ – that balances the needs between economic development and an environmentally-friendly society.

At the launch, the discussion will focus on the three core areas the alliance will aim to address; innovative financing, cleantech advancements and infrastructure investment. All nine new area governments of China will become members.

The alliance will also become an affiliate member of The Climate Group States & Regions, a membership network of over 25 sub-national governments that represent 13% of global GDP.

The Guiyang Eco Forum Global Annual Conference, now in its sixth year, will host over 1,000 delegates, including representatives from the nine new area governments, global business leaders and think tanks. 

Key development projects in Gui’an New Area include a big data hub, a new generation of electronic information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection features, biological medicine, high-end service industry and the tourism industry.

Earlier this year, The Climate Group published Eco-civilization: China's blueprint for a new era, which provides international readers with an overview of key low carbon policy guidelines and priorities the country is adoptingfocusing on the government's pioneering ‘eco-civilization’ concept.

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