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Incubating Innovation for Rural Electrification: Virtual roundtable

1:00PM, 30 January 2014
5:00PM, 30 January 2014
Incubating Innovation for Rural Electrification: Virtual roundtable

Achieving the goal of universal access to electricity requires overcoming challenges posed by increasing demand from existing consumers, as well as the fast growing un-electrified population of the developing world - especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It is crucial to enable the private sector to provide off-grid energy services to complement the ongoing public sector efforts to expand grids in rural areas.

The reduced cost, broad scale, improved usability and integrated mobile-enabled services it would afford, will enable the development of new renewable energy solutions for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. These new factors have led to the emergence of commercially viable business models for off-grid energy supply and of a handful of social enterprises in Africa, South Asia and the Caribbean. While these developments raise much interest and hope, achieving scale is critical to the goal of providing universal energy access and reducing extreme poverty while addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

Launched a year ago, the Incubating Innovation for Rural Electrification Initiative seeks to identify approaches to enable private sector engagement, and surface commercially viable business models. As part of this initiative, an online collaboration platform was created to enable knowledge and experience sharing and which now brings together more than 600 members from across the world. This process of consultation led to the development of the 'Anchor-Business-Community (ABC) model for private sector led off-grid electrification’ and the identification of key pillars to support a larger role for the private sector. We thank all stakeholders for joining the platform, e-discussions and webinars, since the first virtual roundtable held in November 2012.

A second virtual roundtable takes place on January 30, 2014. Participants will revisit the challenges, solutions and innovations that have been discussed over the past year, share recent developments and discuss ways forward.


Vijay Iyer, Director, Energy Dpt., World Bank

Neeraj Prasad, Manager, Climate Change Group, World Bank*

Monali Ranade, Sr. Environmental Specialist, World Bank

Mohua Mukherjee, Sr. Energy Specialist, World Bank

Jim Walker, Co-Founder, The Climate Group

Jayanta Chakravarty, Operations Manager, Safintra Steels Malawi Ltd

Shari Berenbach, President and CEO, USADF

Anil Raj, CEO, OMC Power*

Charlotte Ward, Program Manager, GSMA*

Jiwan Acharya, Sr. Climate Change Specialist , ADB

Nick Hughes, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, M-KOPA*

*Speakers TBC


In Studio: Washington DC, USA - Blantyre/Lilongwe, Malawi - New Delhi, India - Kathmandu, Nepal - Nairobi, Kenya - London, U.K. - Paris, France - Manila, Philippines

Online: Adobe Connect and Live Streaming

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