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International Climate Conference of Regions

12:00AM, 25 October 2012
12:00AM, 26 October 2012
Stuttgart, Germany
International Climate Conference of Regions

Sub-national governments play a decisive role in promoting the Clean Revolution towards a low carbon economy. They drive change with innovative concepts, provide tangible proof of the benefits of alternative approaches and thus become role models and pace setters for both the national and international levels.

The Climate Group’s States and Regions Alliance brings together low carbon frontrunners among regions worldwide, to showcase regional climate leadership, foster exchange and mutual learning, and increase the momentum with joint commitments.

Building on the results achieved at last year’s successful European Conference of Regions on Climate Action in Lyon as well as the continuous work of The Climate Group’s States and Regions Alliance, such as the commitments recently taken with the adoption of the Rio Clean Revolution Statement, this conference will provide another major moment to promote ambitious climate action at the sub-national level.

It is hosted by the state of Baden-Württemberg in collaboration with The Climate Group and the regional network “Four Motors for Europe” - in the context of the state’s 60 year anniversary.

Open to all interested, please register via email: or online: where you can also find the full program and further up-to-date details.

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