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International Conference on Climate Justice

9:30AM, 09 October 2013
6:00PM, 09 October 2013
Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh
International Conference on Climate Justice

Climate justice brings developed and developing countries together, around a people-centred human rights approach, to deliver equitable global development. Climate justice shares the benefits of development and burdens of climate change fairly and avoids the worst impacts of climate change falling on the poor and vulnerable who have done least to contribute to the problem.

This high level conference, hosted by The Scottish Government, will bring together businesses, governments and civic society to explore how climate justice can reinforce the case for a swift transition to a global low carbon economy – delivering jobs, investment, trade and growth, and putting people and human rights at the heart of equitable global sustainable development.

Building on the Scottish experience of the economic benefits of ambitious action on climate change, the conference will:

  • Encourage new international coalitions of businesses, governments and NGOs to champion climate justice and take climate justice into account in their policies;
  • Examine how governments and businesses can develop their approach to human rights to include climate justice;
  • Develop messages on climate justice ahead of this year’s UNFCCC summit in Warsaw in November: and
  • Help deliver an ambitious and equitable new global climate change treaty in 2015

Website available soon, in the meantime please visit the event website

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