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Momentum1000 digital dialogue: How we will create a #cleanrevolution for all

3:00PM, 05 April 2013
3:30PM, 05 April 2013
Momentum1000 digital dialogue: How we will create a #cleanrevolution for all

By mid–century, we need to reduce emissions by around 80% of today’s levels to avoid the social, environmental and economic impacts of climate change.

Our shared vision is of a world of clean and accessible energy, sustainable mobility and smart buildings: a low carbon world with a thriving economy and employment, energy security, and where the quality of life of communities everywhere is enhanced.

A Clean Revolution will accelerate progress towards the change we need. A massive up-scale of clean technologies will improve the efficiency and use of our natural resources; it will create jobs and it will boost economic growth.

To drive this change we need bold, transformational leadership. The world’s decision makers have the power to create the tipping point towards a Clean Revolution. But to do this, they must understand the necessity and the opportunity of the low carbon economy.

In 2000, eight Millennium Development Goals were agreed on by world leaders at a UN summit, which set specific targets on poverty alleviation, one of which was focused on environmental stability, to be achieved by 2015.

This Friday, April 5, 2013, marks the 1000th day milestone leading through to 2015.

Join us, along with the United Nations Foundation, the UN and more than 20 other global partners for Momentum1000, a global, 1,000 minute digital media dialogue to raise awareness and inspire action around the Millennium Development Goals, using the connecting hastag #MDGMomentum on social media.

To take part in our MDG-7 sustainable development focused discussion, head to our Twitter profile @ClimateGroup at 3pm GMT on Friday April 5, to discuss how we will create a #cleanrevolution for all.

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