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Smart Cities Summit 2014

9:00AM, 22 August 2014
5:00PM, 23 August 2014
Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai, India
Smart Cities Summit 2014

Smart Cities Summit is a platform for multiple public and private sectors to meet, network and discuss a cohesive approach to achieve sustainable urban development.

Today, urbanization poses a great challenge to the development of sustainable infrastructure. Experts globally now rely on intelligent structures and well networked supply systems and are working towards creating new and smart areas or smartening the urban systems with existing circumstances to optimize resource utilization. Realizing the importance of the situation, the new Indian Government plans to develop almost 100 Smart Cities. 

Government and private industry stakeholders in India are striving hard to learn, understand and adapt to the international best practices in developing smart cities or smartening up existing cities.

Smart Cities Summit 2014 aims to bring together all government and private captains to deliberate on the opportunities, challenges and solutions of smart city development.

The broad topics of discussion at the summit will include What is a Smart City?; Urban Planning; Smart Buildings; Smart Mobility; Smart Utilities (Water, Electricity, Waste Disposal); Smart Energy; Safety & Security; Smart Governance; and Economic Development.

Among many business and government leaders, our India Director Krishnan Pallassana will be speaking at the event.

More information about Smart Cities Summit 2014.

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