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The Climate Group’s 10th anniversary event - Low carbon growth and opportunity: Paris and beyond

2:30PM, 28 April 2014
6:00PM, 28 April 2014
London, UK
The Climate Group’s 10th anniversary event - Low carbon growth and opportunity: Paris and beyond

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The Climate Group was launched in April 2004. To mark our 10th anniversary, at this event in London we will set out a bold new agenda for low carbon leadership and innovation for Britain and the world, and make exciting announcements about new opportunities for collaboration in the emerging clean economy in the UK, China, India, the US and elsewhere.

The event will convene a high-level group of visionary leaders to debate the challenges–and opportunities–presented by the critical Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports, which will influence discussions around a new global climate agreement at the COP21 negotiations in Paris in 2015.

The event also has an interactive element. We invite you to take part remotely by watching the event live online here on this page from 2:30pm GMT, sharing your thoughts when questions arise using #CleanRevolution on Twitter or discussing on Google+, and by adding your voice to our mass-automated tweet to leaders which calls for an urgent #CleanRevolution.

Speakers include:

Rt Hon Ed Davey MP, UK Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change

Rt Hon Alex Salmond MSP, First Minister of Scotland (Video message)

Richard Kinley, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNFCCC

Hon Jay Weatherill MP, Premier of South Australia

Dr Sally Uren, Chief Executive Officer, Forum for the Future

H. E. The Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Liu Xiaoming

See the full agenda

Watch the event live:

We encourage you to tweet about this event. Please use #CleanRevolution on social media; this is also the hashtag you will need to ask questions in the interactive session at 4:30pm BST. Follow our live tweets on @ClimateGroup.

This event is invite-only. For more information contact Nicola Casey, Global Events Executive, The Climate Group at

#10yearsof The Climate Group

This year The Climate Group is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a series of activities that highlight our past achievements, as well as drive forward our work to secure a thriving low carbon future for all.

The fast-growing clean energy and technology market has the potential to not only future-proof, but kick-start our stagnant economy. Today’s leaders and innovators must unlock a Clean Revolution that builds resilience, creates value and grows prosperity. And The Climate Group provides that opportunity.

Over the last decade, The Climate Group has led large-scale change through our events, partnerships, campaigns and transformative projects. You can see our top 10 achievements here.

Explore our 10 year highlights         What you say about us

Throughout 2014 we will be launching activities around the world to celebrate our 10 years of climate leadership and innovation, and call for urgent action to keep the momentum going to 2015.

And you can be part of our leadership and innovation legacy. If you are a business, sub-national government or organization that wants to help build a low carbon economy of opportunity and prosperity, join us.

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