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UP London: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Cities

3:00PM, 10 April 2013
5:00PM, 10 April 2013
UP London: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Cities

As part of the UP London 2013 festival, Molly Webb, Head of Smart Technologies, The Climate Group, will be moderating the Role of Entrepreneurship in Cities panel which seeks to collaboratively shape a discussion about the role that entrepreneurs have to play in sustainable/smart cities.

The event will address the role that digital innovation and entrepreneurship can play in creating resilient environments:

  • Without a flourishing market, many of the digital technologies proposed to help the environment will not take hold in the market place. How can we use digital entrepreneurship to create resilient environments and communities in the face of massive change?
  • What is the role that research can play in ensuring our future generations and existing companies are ready for the new requirements for entrepreneurship in cities?
  • The event will discuss these issues and how to create real-world change through understanding the innovation processes of the digital revolution.

Joining Molly on stage will be panellists:

  • Joel Gethin-Leiws – Hellicar and Lewis
  • Erkko Autio, Imperial College, London
  • Usman Haque, Cosm
  • John Baird, RCUK
  • Priya Prakash, Changify

Up London 2013 is a festival focused on digital innovation for a sustainable society and runs from April 8 – June 26.

The twitter handle for tweets is @UP_London13.

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