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Leading voices

  • Fabian Nunez

    12 September 2006

    We speak with Assembly Speaker <strong>Fabian Nunez </strong>co-author of California's ground-breaking bill AB 32...

    Fabian Nuñez
  • Roberta Myers

    14 June 2006

    <strong>Roberta Myers</strong>, editor-in-chief of ELLE speaks about her decision to run the first ever 'green' issue of the magazine...

    Roberta Myer
  • Tim Wagner

    15 May 2006

    <strong>Tim Wagner</strong>, Director, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) speaks about their unanimous decision, in March 2006, to establish a task force on climate change...

    Tim Wagner
  • John Coomber

    07 March 2006

    In March 2006 we spoke to <strong>John Coomber</strong>, Member of Swiss Re's Board of Directors and Trustee of The Climate Group...

    John Coomber
  • Professor Suani Coelho

    02 February 2006

    <strong>Prof. Suani Coelho, Deputy Environment Secretary, São Paulo</strong>, discusses the state's action on climate change...

    Professor Suani Coelho
  • Jonathan Pershing

    14 December 2005

    The Climate Group caught up with the WRI's Climate, Energy and Pollution Programme Director, <strong>Dr. Jonathan Pershing</strong> at COP11 in Montreal, December 2005...

    Jonathan Pershing
  • Stephen Pacala

    15 October 2005

    The Climate Group talks to Princeton's Stephen Pacala about his and Robert Socolow's latest research, August 2004.

  • Dr. Joachim Faber

    08 August 2005

    In August 2005, The Climate Group talked to Dr. Joachim Faber, CEO of Allianz Global Investors about climate change and the financial services industry...

    Dr. Joachim Faber
  • Steve Howard

    15 July 2005

    On 8th July 2005 the G8 leaders signed an agreement on climate change. The Climate Group's CEO, Dr. Steve Howard, gives his reaction...

    Steve Howard
  • Nicky Gavron

    14 July 2005

    Nicky Gavron, London's Deputy Mayor, talked to The Climate Group in July 2005 about plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in London, and the role that cities globally can play in tackling climate change.

    Nicky Gavron

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