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Colin Calder

15 May 2012
Colin Calder

Colin Calder, Founder and CEO, PassivSystems, said that with the right government policy, new energy tariffs will offer better value to customers, during his live discussion on energy grids on Twitter.

Speaking ahead of the discussion Colin said: "This Q&A session will explore a bold proposition for the future: that our energy transition can be achieved without compromising affordable comfort for homeowners. A smart, systems approach to energy generation, use and storage has been proven to bring down energy costs at a domestic level, not increase them. And by acting as a vast energy store at the point of use, such systems will enable true smart grids by allowing demand response to take place without homeowners even noticing."

He added: "There are win-wins to be had in the energy market that are only just beginning to be explored, and that is what I hope we'll be uncovering if you join me on Twitter with The Climate Group on May 15."

Here are some of the highlights of the Q&A with Colin.

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