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John Pflueger

22 May 2012
John Pflueger

John Pflueger, Ph.D., Principal Environmental Strategist, Dell, discussed green ICT innovation with us in a live Q&A today.

Commenting on Dell and ICT's wider role in the Clean Revolution, John commented: "Leveraging technology is at the heart of the Clean Revolution. Information and communications technologies have enabled societies to manage resources better while driving economic growth. Still, we have far to go. As the world’s middle class grows from two billion today to five billion in the next twenty years, it will place ever-increasing demands on the world’s limited resources. How will the world manage this growth in a sustainable way?

"'Powering the Possible' is Dell’s commitment to put the company’s technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet. Technology can help accelerate and amplify solutions being developed to address pressing issues challenging the world’s ecosystems, whether in scientific research facilities, in field conservation efforts, or in the minds of social entrepreneurs.

Here's some of the live Twitter Q&A highlights: 

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