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  • South Australia will held a Summit to recognise the opportunities of clean energy

    28 November 2014

    The State of South Australia will held an important Clean Energy Summit on Monday, to discuss the future of Australia’s renewable energy and the business opportunities that lie behind the clean revolution.

    South Australia
  • Quebec and California hold first joint auction on greenhouse gases

    28 November 2014

    The North American regions of Québec and California held their first joint greenhouse gases emission allowances auction this week.

    Quebec (small)
  • Climate negotiations: If we fail in Lima, we will fail in Paris

    28 November 2014

    In an article for “COP20 - CLIMATE CHANGE The New Climate Economy”, Mark Kenber explains what needs to happen at the upcoming UNFCCC conference in Lima (Peru) in order to reach a new global climate deal in Paris in December 2015.

  • COP20 Lima: Expectations from our Head of Policy in new Insight Briefing

    27 November 2014

    Next week, the world's leaders will head to Lima in Peru, for the next round of global climate talks, COP20. Our Head of International Policy, Damian Ryan, shares his thoughts and expectations ahead of the meeting, in this special edition Insight Briefing.

  • World Bank urges leaders to 'turn down the heat' before Lima

    27 November 2014

    Dramatic climate changes are underway and the planet is already locked into an increase of 1.5° Celsius degrees above pre-industrial levels by mid-century, says a new report by the World Bank. But it’s not too late to revert the most extreme impacts, if world leaders secure a bold, binding agreement in Paris next year - and progress at talks in Lima next week.

    surf sea sun beach planet sky
  • China sets a cap on coal by 2020

    26 November 2014

    China has set a limit on its use of coal by 2020, according to recent Chinese officials’ statements. The announcement comes after China’s ‘game changing’ climate deal with the US last week, where for the first time China pledged to cut its CO2 emissions from 2030 - increasing its share of non-fossil energy to around 20% by 2030.

    coal mine
  • US-China climate deal puts India in spotlight for a clear climate policy

    25 November 2014

    India must plan a bolder climate strategy ahead of COP20 in Lima next month, The Climate Group's India Director warns. In the wake of the “game-changing” US-China Climate deal, there is pressure on India to come out with a clear emission target.

  • Australian businesses want stronger emission reduction policies

    20 November 2014

    More than three-quarters of Australian businesses and investors support a stronger 2020 emission reductions target as a means to prevent their economy from failing, a new survey reveals.

    sydney lights dark night city australia
  • Climate expert Suresh Prabhu appointed India’s Railways Minister

    19 November 2014

    Suresh Prabhu, who chaired the Climate Change Association India (CCAI) - an affiliate organization of The Climate Group in India since June 2009 until recently - has been appointed to the Indian Cabinet as Minister for Railways.

    235X140 SURESH PRABHU(1)
  • IKEA buys biggest ever wind farm and plans to invest US$2 billion in renewables by end of 2015

    18 November 2014

    IKEA has just announced it has purchased a 165-megawatt wind farm in Texas, US, making it the group’s largest investment in renewable energy to date. The move is part of the home furnishing giant’s pledge to invest €1.5 billion (about US$1.9 billion) in solar and wind energy power by the end of 2015.


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