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  • Japan opens mega floating solar power plant

    24 April 2015

    Japan has just opened one of the world’s largest floating solar power plants, signalling increasing adoption of the efficient and innovative technology in the country, which is due partly to lack of space on land.

    Japan Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant 2 (Kyocera)
  • Obama takes climate mission to Latin America

    24 April 2015

    Speaking in Panama, Obama highlighted the challenge of combating climate change and securing a clean energy future. In partnership with several Latin American leaders, he announced that a number of countries would double the generation of non-hydro renewable energy sources by 2020.

    Obama State of the union
  • Krishnan Pallassana: Balance growth with climate consequences

    24 April 2015

    Krishnan Pallassana, India Director, The Climate Group, writes about India's great potential for energy efficiency to sustain social development and curb CO2 emissions.

  • Call for an end to ‘business as usual’ option on climate

    23 April 2015

    UN special envoy urges a unified approach to global action on tackling the interlinked issues of climate change, sustainable development and human rights.

    Mary Robinson
  • Clean energy major focus for future technology, industry poll reveals

    23 April 2015

    Green energy is the most important area for future technology, a new report states. The finding comes from Element14, an online community of engineers which surveyed 3,500 people from Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

    ict smart grid tech
  • New report hails UAE’s leadership in green economy

    23 April 2015

    A new report published today says the UAE is providing an exemplary model of leadership in the green economy regionally and nationally, and has the potential to be at the ‘hub’ of a new global energy revolution.

  • Scientists zero in on only solution to climate crisis

    22 April 2015

    Panel of international climate scientists says the world has only until 2050 to become a zero-carbon society − but the rewards for doing so would be immense.

  • UK election: Where the parties stand on climate and energy

    20 April 2015

    Ahead of the UK’s general election on May 7, The Climate Group asked the seven main political parties five specific questions about their climate commitments and low carbon growth policies, and published their responses in a new briefing paper.

    big ben london
  • In the headlines: World Bank and leading companies call for low-carbon growth

    20 April 2015

    The World Bank presented a five-point plan that called for an end to fossil fuel subsidies for low-carbon growth. In a similar tone, 43 chief executives of leading companies have pledged their own emission cuts and called on negotiators to find resolve for an ambitious United Nations climate change agreement in Paris in December.

    leadership jim kim
  • The Climate Group CEO receives honor for role in global climate policy

    16 April 2015

    The Government of Québec has awarded Mark Kenber, CEO, The Climate Group Knight of the Ordre National du Québec. This unique insignia is one of the highest awards for excellence and merit that the Québec government bestows.

    b4e summit mark kenber

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