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1000-Village Solar LED Initiative sees new launch in Sichuan to promote greener provinces

12 May 2010
1000-Village Solar LED Initiative sees new launch in Sichuan to promote greener provinces

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CHENGDU, 12 May 2010: On the second anniversary of China’s devastating earthquake in Sichuan, The Climate Group and Jet Li One Foundation Project today launched a new solar lighting project in Pengzhou village in Chengdu, in the Sichuan province of China as part of their joint 1000-Village Solar LED Initiative.

Officials from local Pengzhou city and from the Chengdu and Sichuan provincial governments joined representatives from The Climate Group, Jet Li One Foundation Project and Dongguan Kingsun Photoelectricity Co. Ltd., and discussed issues of post-earthquake reconstruction in the environmentally friendly province.

The 1000-Village Solar LED Initiative is a global five-year initiative that was launched by The Climate Group and Jet Li One Foundation in August 2009. It seeks to engage 400 villages in China in the first two years, and a second phase will expand this to reach 600 villages in China, India and African countries. It is a global public welfare program which aims at exploring and implementing low carbon lighting solutions in rural areas, through the wide application of solar power LED lighting.

The initiative will set up 1000 village-demonstration programs through a platform which joins local governments, technical supporters and other concerned organizations. Since the initiative’s inception, demonstration programs have been set up in 50 villages in the areas of Beijing, Chongqing Municipality, Chengdu, Guiyang and Sanya.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director of The Climate Group, said, “We want to increase people’s awareness of solar power lighting and to promote its application through the demonstration program, so that cost and greenhouse gas emissions will both be reduced.”

Yuan Jiakai, supervisor of the strategic partnership between the Climate Group and Jet Li One Foundation Project, said, “Jet Li One Foundation has always focused on post-earthquake reconstruction and environmental protection. Given that China has 220,000 villages, it is imperative to apply renewable and efficient energy to facilitate their lives.”

Party Secretary Tong Guorong of Ao’ping County spoke highly of the 1000-Village Solar LED Initiative, saying, “Promoting the demonstration program is in the interests of both Chengdu’s green economy and people’s lives.”

More than ten thousand rural residents in 20 counties covered by the initiative in Sichuan province will benefit from the programme. The Climate Group also leads a flagship LightSavers program of pilot projects across world cities. This program aims to transform how the world is lit by demonstrating the potential of LED lighting and smart controls, and by bringing them to scale globally. LightSavers cities currently include Adelaide, Guiyang, Hong Kong, Kolkata, London, Mumbai, New York, Tianjin and Toronto.

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