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25 EarthHack finalists announced in contest to ‘re-imagine’ technology for greener homes

07 August 2013
25 EarthHack finalists announced in contest to ‘re-imagine’ technology for greener homes

LONDON: Twenty-five finalists have been chosen by the judges of EarthHack [sustainable homes], a crowd-sourcing contest run in partnership with Marblar and The Climate Group, with the support of IKEA and Philips.

The international competition used Marblar’s crowd-sourcing platform to ask entrants to ‘re-imagine’ existing technology to create a more sustainable home, for a chance to have their idea turned into a real product by an industry leader and share in a US$25,000 prize pot.

Most of the entries aim to tackle household waste and energy consumption issues in unique and innovative ways, but those that made it to the final 25 have been chosen for their potential to be scaled up commerically. See a full list of the 25 finalists below.

Scaling up ideas

The EarthHack Judges picked the ‘most promising’ ideas for reducing CO2 emissions, which range from new building materials to re-imagined housing designs, community incentives schemes and novel lighting.

After the refinement stage, judges will pick the winners based on the following criteria: desirability, affordability, accessibility and scalability.

The chosen winner will present their idea at Climate Week NYC in September, win a US$15,000 prize and the chance for their idea to be turned into a real product by Philips or IKEA. The second place winner will take home US$5,000.

Those who don’t win will still have the opportunity to share in the US$25,000 prize pot too; they can win US$50 by making a meaningful contribution towards refining the finalist’s idea.


Entrants and those who log on to Marblar’s site to view, discuss and critique the entries, come from a range of backgrounds, and include engineers, researchers and medical product developers.

Dan Perez, Founder and CEO, Marblar, commented: "We've been overwhelmed by the incredible product ideas streaming in from around the world. But most impressive has been the collaboration amongst Marblars, and the constant feedback from the judges. Our top ideas have been plumped out by five to ten people each, and that's been really exciting."

Dave Raval, EarthHack judge, Cleantech entrepreneur, and former Head of the UK Government cleantech incubation service at Carbon Trust, said: "One of the very special things about this competition is the way that the Marblar community comes around to support and build upon each others’ ideas. This is great: no one will ever have all the bright ideas and answers all by themselves, so if we tackle the big problems of our age like climate change, it’s got to be through everyone working together, like with the Marblar process."

The 25 finalists:

A new collector for solar and geothermal energies
by Michel Daubizit

Aerogel skylight with integrated LEDs for highly-insulated, constant illumination
by Ralph Evins

App enabled photo sensors for light bulbs that auto-dim
by Robert Francois

Monitoring Plug sockets to switch off electricity after non-use
by Niall Wynne

Paradox Blinds turn windows from energy liabilities into assets 
by Barry Clive

Community shared assets schemes
by Frank Smith

Channelling excess heat from the fridge to the oven
by Matt Finch

Weed to Walls - Smart Construction
by Shubhanshu Jain

The A+ House - An industrial concept
by Jaime Padrón Medina

Negative Ion emitting LED Bulb
by Chris Ratcliff

A data centre in every home
by Ralph Evins

Harness wastewater heat which normally vanishes down the drain
by Andrew Heath

Microloft: a new kind of home
by John Prewer

A water and energy saving way to wash well and sustainably
by John Prewer

The Radfan: A low power fan unit 
by Simon Barker

Seasonal variation in solar transmissivity of glass
by Sara Walker

Chameleon House: Changing Roofs and/or walls from black to white to reduce/increase household absorption
by Niall Wynne

Evaporative cooling via fabric wicking for use in developing countries
by Ralph Evins

Uniform appearance, varied internal structure: Using 3D printing 
by Matthew Reinert

Use Arboform Liquid Wood Biodegradeable Plastics to create Modular Homes of Tomorrow
by Michael Fitzgerald

Intelligent showerhead that tracks and reports water use
by Wyatt Felt

Re-purposing the waste heat from fridges and freezers
by John Olsen

Mobile App/Game - Lets make saving energy fun and rewarding!
by David Finnegan

LAMP + TRACKING SYSTEM + ACTUATORS: illumination where you need it
by Radek Chwistek

by John Prewer

More information can be found on the finalists at

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