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Amy Davidsen delivers talk to TEDx audience

14 June 2011
Amy Davidsen delivers talk to TEDx audience

NEW YORK: On May 12, Amy Davidsen, US Executive Director, The Climate Group, joined an impressive roster of 16 thought leaders invited to speak at an inaugural day-long TEDx event at the Civic Theatre in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she shared the opportunities avilable in a Clean Revolution.

The eclectic group of visionary speakers from around the globe—including a futurist, an urban planner, a one-man band and an engineer leveraging biological systems like mushrooms for biodegradable packaging —each had no more than 15 minutes to relate their expertise on the topic of innovation.

The day’s theme was structured around the theme “Innovate X” with 'x' being an undefined variable. Amy’s talk, titled “Innovate: Clean Revolution”, focused on the imperative to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity to create a world in which people not only subsist, but thrive.

With a world population now surpassing 7 billion, Amy spoke of the urgent need for a “clean industrial revolution”—one that  will substantially cut global emissions, provide clean energy access for all, and improve lives for generations to come.

Sharing her own personal story, Amy traced her profound love of the earth to childhood, which prompted her to build a career on the conviction that a “healthy economy depends on a healthy environment.”

During her more than 20 years in the corporate world, Amy said she has learned that “no one wants to hear about problems – they just want to hear about solutions— they just want you to tell them ‘how to get it done.’

Amy related her passion for technologically driven solutions in the climate change challenge, highlighting LED lighting, electric vehicles and renewable energy, as examples of technologies at the forefront of the Clean Revolution. She explained how these solutions represent a fundamentally positive shift in terms of how we produce and consume energy as a growing population.

TEDx is an independently organized spin-off of the hugely popular and premier four-day TED event (stands for ‘technology, entertainment and design’), which was established more than 20 years ago in Long Beach, California. The TED platform is devoted to world-changing 'Ideas Worth Spreading.'

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