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Australian businesses unite to back carbon price

14 April 2011
Australian businesses unite to back carbon price

MELBOURNE: A coalition of businesses has announced their backing for establishing a carbon price in Australia. The group of 21 companies spans a wide variety of sectors such as infrastructure, technology, transport, engineering and retail, and includes industry heavyweights Alstom, ARUP, GE, BP, IKEA, Linfox and AGL, among others.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard's announcement of the government’s intention to put a price on carbon by June 2012 has sparked a broad public debate in Australia.

Caroline Bayliss, Australia Director, The Climate Group, welcomes the coalition statement: “A growing number of businesses are recognizing that the move towards a low carbon economy represents a huge opportunity for Australia. Putting a price on carbon is a key reform which will give businesses the certainty they need, while encouraging greater efficiency, productivity and low carbon innovation within our economy. At the moment, Australia is losing ground on other economies such as China and the EU that are moving quickly to establish themselves as the main players in the profitable, low carbon markets of the future.”

The companies issuing the statement are urging others to join them in advocating for the establishment of an effective carbon price signal.

The joint statement from the businesses reads:

“As major Australian and international corporations and representative associations operating across the Australian economy we strongly support the introduction of a well-designed carbon price to support the transition to a low carbon economy.

Australia must aim to be globally competitive in clean energy, energy efficiency and low carbon technology. Pricing carbon is critical to providing business certainty and unlocking the jobs and investment that will accompany the transition to a prosperous, cleaner and internationally competitive economy.

As the costs of action are outweighed by the costs of delay the carbon price should be implemented as soon as possible. A price should be accompanied by appropriate transitional assistance for households and trade-exposed industry, as well as complementary measures that reduce emissions at least economic cost.

We look forward to working with the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee and all members of Parliament as they implement a carbon price.”

Download a copy of the statement press release

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