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China publishes Rio+20 Sustainable Development Report

08 June 2012
China publishes Rio+20 Sustainable Development Report

BEIJING: The State Council has released China’s National Report on Sustainable Development, revealing the nation’s progress on implementing low carbon growth over the past 20 years.

The Sustainable Development Report covers the achievements, challenges and plans for China on the low carbon issues that are related to areas such as population, economy, resources and the environment.

The Report was launched ahead of the Rio+20 Earth Summit, where the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will join many heads of state and 50,000 participants to discuss the green economy, in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication. Rio+20 takes place one year into China’s progressive 12th Five Year Plan

Among other leaders, Premier Wen will be expected to set a substantial and transformative agenda at Rio+20. In the past China’s leaders have made clear that transitioning to a low carbon economy is critical for China’s future, and Rio+20 is a key opportunity for the nation to lead the way.

At the Report's press conference in Beijing, after mentioning China’s plans to improve international cooperation, Du Ying, Vice Minister of China's National Development and Reform Commission, stressed the importance of China’s Sustainable Development plans: "China needs to further transform its development mindset and make sure the economic growth is achieved by expanding domestic demand, rather than relying on foreign investment. Meanwhile, we must also ensure the fast development of manufacturing and tertiary industries, advocate energy conservation and environmentally friendly ways of production and consumption and achieve an equitable distribution of social resources."

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group remarked: “This Report is a rather comprehensive overview of China’s efforts, achievements and challenges in pursuing sustainable development over the last two decades. ‘Changing’ might be the best word to describe what has been happening in China – as well as in the global context - politically, economically, socially and environmentally. The rising influence of emerging economies like China is bringing new challenges, and more importantly opportunities for the global community to re-examine the sustainable development strategy and actions, and capture the moment to achieve a Clean Revolution. I am delighted to see the continued commitments from China to reach a green economy and alleviate poverty. And I believe that China’s success in transforming its economy will contribute largely to common but green global prosperity.”

Ahead of Rio+20, read more about the Clean Revolution.

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