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China's Carbon Strategy guidelines launched at Carbon Treasure event

16 June 2011
China's Carbon Strategy guidelines launched at Carbon Treasure event

BEIJING: The Climate Group China successfully organized the closing event of Carbon Treasure Program Phase, with two panel discussions and the launch of Carbon Strategy and Management Guidelines for Chinese Businesses, which includes one general and three sector guidelines, to help drive a Clean Revolution in China.

The Guideline for Chinese Corporate Carbon Strategy is one of the first guidebooks designed to provide practical solutions to support businesses “carbon low, profits up” growth in China, giving an overview on how to develop and implement low carbon strategies as well as specific advice for the electric power, finance and supply chain management sectors.

With clearer energy strategies and more strict emission reduction targets established as part of China’s 12th Five Year Plan, Chinese enterprises have been facing significant challenges as they try to increase energy efficiency and cut emissions while adopting new technologies and changing their business models.

There are increasing signs that enterprises are beginning to realize that they need to re-evaluate their development strategies to meet low carbon economy targets, reduce risks and ultimately improve their market performance.

With lack of experience and communication blueprints, the Guideline sets out to address those challenges and help Chinese enterprises build their low carbon strategies according to their specific needs and resources available.

The two panel discussions at the launch event focused on building low carbon supply chain systems, and financing and supporting low carbon development of industries.

Panel discussion topics included:

  • Power: Strategic thinking guides the focus on low carbon technologies development
  • Finance: developing innovative risk management systems and tools, to enhance low carbon practices profitability
  • Supply chain: core corporations play critical role - financing and policies as key factors

Representatives from TESCO, SGS, QM Furniture, Price Waterhouse Coopers China, China Electricity Council, Business for Social Responsibility, China Power Investment Corporation, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and more, exchanged opinions on the panels.

The Guideline is the first result of The Climate Group’s Carbon Treasure program which aims to help enterprises capitalizing on opportunities from greenhouse gas emissions reduction. It is also the result of joined efforts of, among others, the China Electricity Council, Nike, Deutsche Bank (China), IKEA China, COSCO GROUP, Duke Energy, and Tesco China.

Li PAN, Deputy Director, Center for Climate Change of Power Industry(CEC, Department of Environment Protection and Resources Conservation, China Electricity Council, says: “As coping with climate change is an important part of power industry’s development and revolution, China Electricity Council will positively participate in low carbon strategy related activities, to contribute to national strategic targets. Since November 2010, the Council has been cooperating with The Climate Group on low carbon strategy guideline for power industry, which has been extremely meaningful for the whole power industry. It will raise power corporations’ low carbon strategy awareness and facilitates the study of how to develop industrial and corporate low carbon strategy.”

Changhua WU, Greater China Director, The Climate Group, says: “The Guideline provides practical advice to Chinese enterprises that face the challenge of both increasing their energy efficiency and reducing emissions while improving their market competitiveness. With this Guideline, The Climate Group once more highlights the importance it gives to the role China has to play in low carbon economy, and the leadership already shown by the Chinese government and businesses alike. We hope that this Guideline will act as catalyst, a blueprint and an inspiration for other corporations to implement the policies needed for a more sustainable, prosperous economy.

You can read the executive summary of the Guideline for Chinese Corporate Carbon Strategy and full press release on (Chinese only)

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