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Chinese clean energy enterprise Hanergy joins The Climate Group as global member

26 March 2012
Chinese clean energy enterprise Hanergy joins The Climate Group as global member

BEIJING: China’s Hanergy Holding Grouprecently joined The Climate Group as a global member. With a focus on clean energy development both within China and globally, Hanergy will work with The Climate Group to contribute to reducing the world's carbon emissions.

Stretching across hydropower, wind power, and photovoltaic power generation, Hanergy Holdings Group is the biggest private enterprise in China’s clean energy industry. Incorporated in 1994, it's headquartered in Beijing, with subsidiaries and branches in many Chinese provinces as well as in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific

While Hanergy has a gross capacity of around 6 million kilowatts in hydropower projects - for both existing power plants and those under construction – as well as a total capacity of 131 megawatts in wind energy, Hanergy has since concluded that the solar photovoltaic industry is the strongest future energy to develop.

Hanergy is leading the solar power sector in China, currently focusing on constructing the production chain for solar energy with a technology-oriented mind and continuing to promote the large scale production of thin film solar cells.  

Estimates of the combined capacity of Hanergy’s Chinese solar photovoltaic plants will reach around 3 million kilowatts in 2012, while construction contracts for solar energy power plants which have been signed in China and Europe, will provide a combined total of approximately 10 million kilowatts of solar energy. 

Hanergy aims to grow through globalization of production, capital and human resources and cooperation with global organizations, with a longer-term goal of helping achieve a global energy revolution.

Li Hejun, Chairman, Hanergy Holdings Group said: “The British led the first industrial revolution with the steam engine, the Americans lead the second and third revolution with electricity and information technology. I personally believe that the solar photovoltaic industry will represent new energy resources and lead the fourth ecological revolution!"

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group is even more optimistic about this strategic cooperation. She commented: "China’s view of renewable energy development in the next five years has become clear. With supporting industrial policy and the gradual introduction of more reasonable and workable implementation details, commercial opportunities will emerge from renewable energy and its related industries. The Climate Group and Hanergy will work closely at the promotion of clean energy technologies, and spread China’s leading technology and ideas to the whole world."

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