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Electric vehicle alliance meets in New York to drive global ambition

22 September 2010
Electric vehicle alliance meets in New York to drive global ambition

Following the launch (read the press release) of the EV20 alliance at the Opening Ceremony, founding members and supporters of the EV20 met to discuss the initiative and its next steps in a private roundtable.  

Jim Walker, Co-founder and Director of The Climate Group, moderated the discussion.  “Together, these leaders will be able to unlock policy and commercial barriers to fast EV deployment at a pace not possible as individuals” he said.  The group has agreed to aim for the twin targets of putting one million additional EVs on the road by 2015, on top of EVs that automakers are already planning to bring to market, and for 20% of global vehicle sales to be electric by 2020.

The conversation at the roundtable focused on two of the primary areas of the EV20’s work: policy leadership and commercial fleets. EV20 members agreed that state and provincial governments could encourage consumer awareness and set good examples by converting their own fleets, and that sustained government policies to encourage consumer demand would be important for EV scale up.  

Fleet procurement alliances were seen as an effective way to signal demand, encouraging manufacturers to increase their supply.  The group expected that cost competitiveness would come with scale. The value of an EV’s battery to enable renewable energy and after its use in a vehicle was another area that participants agreed should be explored further.

Participants included senior leaders from founding government members of the EV20, including Minister Pierre Arcand, Quebec; Commissioner Pete Grannis, New York State; Pauline Peel, Deputy Chief Executive, Department of Premier and Cabinet, South Australia; and Minister Bernabé Unda, Basque Country, signaling the strong commitment of these jurisdictions to supporting EV deployment.

Participants from corporate founding EV20 members included Hugo Geluk, Head of Asset Finance & Leasing Benelux, Deutsche Bank, Bryan Hansel, CEO, Smith Electric Vehicles; John Schaaf, VP Business Development - Accelerator Project, Johnson Controls, Inc.; Ruben van Doorn, Project Director, Planet Me, TNT; and Jason Wolf,  Vice President, North America, Better Place.  In addition, representatives of EV20 supporters, including HSBC, Dutch Postcode Lottery and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation joined the conversation. 

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