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HSBC and partner NGOs report real environmental progress from $100 million Climate Partnership

08 February 2011
HSBC and partner NGOs report real environmental progress from $100 million Climate Partnership

LONDON, February 8, 2010: HSBC reported today that it had not only cut the bank’s carbon footprint over the last three years but – by working with four NGO partners including The Climate Group in a $100 million partnership – it had also supported measurable progress in safeguarding some of the world’s major cities, forests, rivers and wetlands from the growing threat of climate change.

The HSBC Climate Partnership celebrates its real and tangible achievements in the HSBC Climate Partnership Review 2010, published today. The five-year environmental programme between HSBC, The Climate Group, Earthwatch, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and WWF, which has been groundbreaking in  its scale and collaborative approach, is reducing the impact of climate change on people, forests, freshwater and cities, and accelerating the adoption of low-carbon policies by:

  • Carrying out innovate scientific research
  • Developing demonstration projects and test out new methodologies
  • Creating working models, showing how the new ideas work in practice
  • Providing clear solutions so that governments can agree policy and enact legislation

Globally, the work is securing and is improving water supplies for millions, piloting clean tech solutions, understanding the role of forests in climate change, protecting the habitats of threatened species, influencing government policy, and engaging more than 100,000 HSBC staff as a worldwide taskforce to drive change.

Simon Martin, Head of Group Corporate Sustainability, said, “Solutions to climate change require collective action involving governments, NGOs, the public and the business community. The scale of the achievements announced today by the HSBC Climate Partnership shows that tangible results can be achieved by going beyond corporate sponsorship and adopting a more collaborative approach.”

The HSBC Climate Partnership has allowed The Climate Group to expand our global network into the key markets of China and India. In partnership with HSBC:

  • We have run two major campaigns in London and Hong Kong to help millions of consumers and employees cut their carbon footprint. 
  • We are rolling out LED street lighting pilots in 9 major cities around the world to help bring this low-carbon technology to commercial scale.
  • We are working with corporate partners in the US and Europe to build a coalition of companies committed to electrifying their vehicle fleets.
  • We have published a series of influential China Clean Revolution reports that show the world how seriously China takes this issue and the low carbon opportunity. The first India Clean Revolution report will be published next month.

Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group, said, “When the HSBC Climate Partnership was conceived, it demonstrated real thought leadership in the way that corporate and NGOs can work together on the ground as a force for good. It is also a smart move – HSBC’s research has identified that the size of the global market for low carbon goods will be $2.2 trillion by 2020. Partnerships like this one are immensely valued and crucial to our efforts to unlock a clean industrial revolution.”

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