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In Memory: Dr. Stephen Schneider

20 July 2010
In Memory: Dr. Stephen Schneider

London, 20 July 2010 – Dr. Stephen Schneider, a leading climate researcher and scientist at Stanford University, passed away yesterday.

A hugely influential figure in the world of climate science, Dr. Schneider studied climate change for decades and worked vigorously in the scientific and political fields to increase awareness of the threat of man-made global warming. He wrote books and articles detailing the adverse effects of climate change, and conducted important research on the damage caused by greenhouse gases.

In 2006, he was a thinker-in-residence for the government of South Australia, and his influential advice led to South Australia being the first in the world to introduce the greenhouse gas emissions legislation.

South Australia Premier, Mike Rann, said in parliament (read the speech), “he saw what we were doing here in South Australia as an important opportunity to demonstrate to other places around the world what we could do in terms of tackling climate change.”

Dr. Schneider earned a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 – which he shared with former US Vice-President Al Gore – for his work with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and he acted as a consultant to every US presidential administration from former President Nixon to President Obama.

Steve Howard, CEO and founder of The Climate Group, said, "Steve was not just one of the world's leading climate change experts but he was also one of its most passionate. His unique communications abilities and infectious passion and enthusiasm have inspired many - from the most powerful to the ordinary citizen - into action."

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