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John Pflueger, Dell: Leveraging technology is at the heart of the Clean Revolution

21 May 2012
John Pflueger, Dell: Leveraging technology is at the heart of the Clean Revolution

LONDON: Ahead of his live Twitter Q&A on May 22 2012, John Pflueger, Ph.D., Principal Environmental Strategist for Dell, comments on the powerful role of ICT in the Clean Revolution.

The live session with John Pflueger will take place from 3-4pm DST on Tuesday May 22, 2012, as part of our Q&A series which is running in May and June to build momentum on topics that will be the focus at Rio+20 Earth Summit in June, 2012. 

John Pflueger, Ph.D., is Dell's Principal Environmental Strategist. In this role, John is responsible for driving Dell's strategy on issues around environmental sustainability – including energy, GHG emissions, materials of concern, water, and material use, recovery and reuse,

Prior to this role, John was Dell's subject matter expert on data center energy efficiency and managed initiatives to help customers improve the productivity of their computer systems and facilities. Since graduating from MIT in 1991 with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, John has spent 21 years in manufacturing engineering, product development, product marketing and product management roles in the high-tech industry. John also currently serves as a director for The Green Grid and as a participant in The Green Grid’s Technical Committee.

Commenting on Dell and ICT's wider role in the Clean Revolution, as well as the Q&A session he will be taking part in, John said: "Leveraging technology is at the heart of the Clean Revolution. Information and communications technologies have enabled societies to manage resources better while driving economic growth. Still, we have far to go. As the world’s middle class grows from two billion today to five billion in the next twenty years, it will place ever-increasing demands on the world’s limited resources. How will the world manage this growth in a sustainable way?

"'Powering the Possible' is Dell’s commitment to put the company’s technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet. Technology can help accelerate and amplify solutions being developed to address pressing issues challenging the world’s ecosystems, whether in scientific research facilities, in field conservation efforts, or in the minds of social entrepreneurs.

"Please join me on Twitter on May 22, as I answer questions about Dell’s Sustainability initiatives and how Dell technology is being used to address these issues. I’ll answer your questions about our sustainability program, but, be aware, we’re going to ask you questions in return. We’re interested in your input as to how our technology can be applied as well. Finding the way forward is not a task of any one company, but is a journey we must take together."

If you have questions for John, all you need to do is head to our Twitter account @ClimateGroup at 3pm DST on  May 22. John will be introduced and you will be invited to tweet your questions to him. You can start asking questions now too - just be sure to include the hashtag #CleanRevolution, to make sure he doesn't miss them. 

When the session ends, you will find a summary highlighting the key points from the debate here on

Add the 3pm DST, May 22 event to your Outlook/Google calendars and follow our guest now:

If you, your company, or sub-national government would like to be featured as a future guest to help put the Clean Revolution into action, tweet us at The@ClimateGroup now.

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