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New Sydney LED trial grows The Climate Group’s global lighting program

01 March 2011
New Sydney LED trial grows The Climate Group’s global lighting program
  • Survey shows overwhelming public approval from those using LED trial areas

Sydney, 1 March, 2011: The City of Sydney has launched a new trial of LED lamps and Smart controls on George Street in Sydney’s CBD.  The trial forms part of The Climate Group’s global LED Program, which sees Sydney join nine other participating cities around the world including Hong Kong, London and New York.

The program is designed to test a range of LED products and technologies in a variety of real world settings and will share results from the first phase of the trial later this year.

The trial marks a further step forward in Sydney’s testing of LED technology. Following LED trials in Alexandra Park and Martin Place, this will be the first to showcase intelligent smart controls and the first to use The Climate Group’s international monitoring standard, allowing results to be pooled with those of other cities.

Initial data shows that the LEDs, when paired with intelligent smart controls, have the potential to use 50 – 70 per cent less power than conventional outdoor light bulbs – saving public money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by lighting .

The City of Sydney is one of the largest users of street lighting in NSW with 22,000 street and park lights 13,500 maintained by Energy Australia and 8,500 by the City. In 2008/09 the City spent $3.5 million on electricity for public lighting and $2 million on maintenance.

The Australia Director of The Climate Group, Caroline Bayliss,
said: “This technology has the potential to make a significant dent in Sydney’s greenhouse gas emissions and cut the city’s energy bills, making it good for taxpayers and the environment.”

“Our global trial is also showing that these lights bring a range of other benefits not least aesthetically better quality lighting, which makes city streets safer and more livable. This is great example of how the emerging clean revolution has the power to cut emissions and improve people’s lives.”

Three LED manufacturers, iGuzzini, Philips and WE-EF, have supplied lights for the latest trial, with each manufacturer allocated six double-lantern light posts on George Street, near Martin Place.

Public Approval for Sydney’s LED trials

A public survey commissioned by the City in conjunction with The Climate Group across two of the LED trial sites shows the new lights have proven to be extremely popular with people using those areas. Among other results, the survey showed that:

  • More than 90 per cent of people using the areas found the lights appealing
  • Three quarters said it improved visibility
  • In Alexandra Park, 50% of respondents said they were more likely to use the park at night as a result of the lights
  • 90 per cent of those surveyed favoured a rollout across Sydney, with70% strongly in favour of a rollout

Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney, highlighted “the need to take urgent action now to combat the impacts of climate change” adding that “projects like this show tackling this huge challenge can also save money.”

Globally, lighting accounts for six per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than twice the emissions from global air travel or 70% of the emissions from cars worldwide.

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