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North America leading with innovative climate policies

17 June 2011
North America leading with innovative climate policies

NEW YORK: The Climate Group North America is pleased to present our latest report Leading the Way: Policy Design for a Clean Revolution, which showcases the tremendous progress made by cities, states and regions across North America that are leading the Clean Revolution with innovative climate policies.

The report details the efforts of sub-national governments advancing low carbon policies that are providing both greenhouse gas reductions and economic benefits, showing how North America is quietly leading the charge as well as highlighting what is possible, by example, in a low carbon world

This policy briefing highlights three interesting case studies which provide specific insight into how policy can be designed to reduce emissions, cut energy costs and be politically feasible, including:

  • New York’s investments from their Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative auction proceeds in clean energy, energy efficiency and building their green economy;
  • California’s investment in small-scale solar electric power systems through their California Solar Initiative; and
  • Manitoba’s energy efficiency and energy conservation efforts through Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart program.

These actions at the sub-national level provide clear evidence that the Clean Revolution is not only underway but also proof that climate change action is feasible—and benefits government, business and citizens alike.

The Climate Group has long heralded the role of states and regions through its global network of States and Regions. In North America alone, our States and Regions network (California, Manitoba, New York, Ontario and Quebec) boasts nearly 150 low carbon policies, that are at various stages of development and are supporting the Clean Revolution by reducing carbon through energy efficiency measures, clean energy, smart-cities, clean transport, fiscal measures and more.

Read the report: Leading the Way: Policy Design for a Clean Revolution

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