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Philips unveils an LED first

23 May 2011
Philips unveils an LED first

NEW YORK: Royal Philips Electronics - the industry leader in LED lighting solutions – helped accelerate a Clean Revolution in the lighting sector this week with its new Philips EnduraLED A21 17-watt light bulb, which boasts energy consumption reduction of 80% and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

The Philips EnduraLED A21 17-watt bulb was unveiled at the LIGHTFAIR® International tradeshow which took place from May 17-19, where the Philips team explained how it directly replaces the traditional 75-watt incandescent bulb.

“We continue to test the boundaries of LED innovation with exciting products that provide energy efficiency, ambiance and extraordinary reliability,” said Ed Crawford, General Manager of Lamps, Philips Lighting North America. He continues: “Once again we have demonstrated that consumers do not have to wait for quality alternatives to the incandescent or to sacrifice the soft white light they have become accustomed to because LED can deliver all the benefits without compromising quality.”

The bulb characterizes the vast transformation in the lighting market for leading low carbon products with its efficient design.

The EnduraLED A21 17-watt has been developed to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR qualifications for an LED-based replacement for the 75-watt incandescent light bulb. According to ENERGY STAR specifications, this means the bulb should emit 1100 lumens from 17-watts of electricity, have a 2700k color temperature, a color rendering index of 80, and a lifespan of 25,000 hours.

With this fresh addition to Philips’ portfolio, consumers and businesses have even more choice in products that cut energy costs as well as emissions.

It is estimated by Philips that about 90 million 75-watt incandescent bulbs are sold each year in the US, so switching to this LED replacement will reduce energy use carbon emissions drastically.

Jim Walker, International Programmes and Strategy Director, The Climate Group says: "This is an important development for energy efficient indoor lighting. Lighting overall emits 6% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, with the majority of this coming from indoor lighting. LED technology is set to revolutionize lighting efficiency and quality over the next few years and this is the first high brightness LED bulb on the market that can directly substitute for incandescent lighting in the home."

The innovative EnduraLED bulb follows the success of another pioneering LED from Philips: the ENERGY STAR-qualified Philips EnduraLED 12.5-watt bulb, which is the world’s first commercially-available 60-watt replacement.

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Philips is a corporate member of The Climate Group

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