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Poitou-Charentes approves crucial EV grants

22 August 2011
Poitou-Charentes approves crucial EV grants

BRUSSELS: On August 19, 2011, the French region of Poitou-Charentes adopted a comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) grants plan targeted at business firms, local communities and individual consumers, helping drive a Clean Revolution in the region.

The grants will make traveling in carbon neutral vehicles more accessible for everyone, cutting costs at the same time as cutting emissions. The grant covers 50% of the EV cost up to EUR 4,000 for an urban vehicle and EUR 8,000 for automobiles. The amount decreases to EUR 6,000 for companies and communities.

The grants are a core effort of Poitou-Charentes' 20 year-old strategy to foster electro-mobility in the region. The original EV strategy was established in 1993 with the construction of more then 160 charge points in La Rochelle, and is now reaching its peak with the 2010 launch of the Mia EV in Cerizay, with the region providing 30% of the joint venture capital.

Apart from Mia Electric, the developing firm of Mia EV, Poitou-Charentes further contributes to clean technology development by investing in Eco & Mobilité and Heuliex Vehicule Electrique, another two major EV firms. By creating a regional center for low carbon technology, Poitou-Charentes is offering an incubator for renewable energy companies to flourish.

The President of the Region, Ségolène Royal declared: "Poitou-Charentes is the first region to have provided capital to create green jobs and produced a new electric vehicle. A vehicle, that thanks to the regions subsidies, will cost less than  EUR 5,000 and therefore prepare the necessary market transition for a future large-scale production of EV."

Luc Bas, Director of  European Programs, The Climate Group, added: "The Region of Poitou Charentes has shown leadership on EV deployment for some years now, and this latest purchasing policy support will not only reduce transport emissions in the region, but also create local jobs in a low carbon economy and accelerate a Clean Revolution."

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