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Progress report on China's 12th Five Year Plan in low carbon cities

16 November 2011
Progress report on China's 12th Five Year Plan in low carbon cities

BEIJING: This week a short case study report, China Low Carbon City Tour was published under The Climate Group Greater China’s program China Redesign, which explores the implementation of China's 12th Five Year Plan in China’s cities so far.

The report was officially released in Beijing at a high-profile event organized by China Southern Media Group, the most influential media group in China. 

Building on our 2011 China’s Clean Revolution: Cities report, the new report reviews the status of China's 12th Five Year Plan progress in some of China’s cities, exploring which energy and carbon policies the central Government has since moved forward.

The release of the report is the result of the China City Low Carbon Tour joint initiative that was started in 2010 between The Climate Group and China Southern Media Group.

Both organizations visited the cities of Dongguan, Hangzhou, Kashgar and Wuhan together between August and October 2011, where workshops and interviews were conducted with each city's officials to review the different levels of low carbon development.

The report itself revolves around two major sections:

  • An update of the progress that has been made at both national and local level since China’s 12th Five-Year Plan Outline was released in March, and its implications on cities;
  • Four city case studies which zoom in on the above mentioned cities representing four different regions, each with different levels of development and industrial structures.

The initiative will continue next year, with The Climate Group Greater China officially launching the whole China’s Clean Revolution flagship report (IV), entitled Financing China’s Low Carbon Growth next week - a preview of which was published earlier this month.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group says: 'This report is a product of our proud joint initiative with Southern Media Group which started this summer when our teams visited these cities as part of our China Redesign program. We have agreed with Southern Media Group that we will continue such an endeavor in the coming year. It has turned out to be a great learning opportunity for us to understand our cities' key low carbon issues, which is helping us form the foundations that are driving forward a Clean Revolution in China.'

Download the English executive summary PDF

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