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Sydney’s glowing response to LEDs

06 April 2011
Sydney’s glowing response to LEDs

SYDNEY: LED lights save energy, reduce electricity bills and cut CO2 emissions. They even improve the attractiveness and safety of the neighbourhoods they’re installed in. But what is the public opinion on LED lights? Trials of LED outdoor lighting are currently being introduced in the City of Sydney, Australia, where The Climate Group had the opportunity to gage the community’s reaction with a series of surveys.

The City of Sydney has taken a proactive approach to new lighting technologies, trialling multiple LED outdoor lighting products across park, lane and roadway settings in the CBD area, as part of its global LightSavers LED trial. With the support of The Climate Group, LED trials in Alexandria Park and Martin Place have included a survey of public opinion, whereby passersby were asked how the new street lights impacted the safety, visibility and attractiveness of the setting.

A total of 84 people were interviewed in the two surveys, the majority of whom were familiar with Alexandria Park and Martin Place, with nearly 70% visiting at least once a week. For those unfamiliar with the sites, the trials included baseline lighting which allowed respondents to directly compare the old lights with the new.

First-hand experience confirmed that the benefits brought to Sydney's residents by LEDs are both real and significant. Of respondents contacted at Martin Place and Alexandria Park:

  • 76% said visibility had improved
  • 71% said they felt safer with the lights
  • 70-78% of participants said the positive aspects of LED lighting, from improved safety to positive environmental impact, were important to them.

These results were cemented by expression of overwhelming support for LEDs in preference to older light technologies, with results showing that:

  • 92% liked the new lights
  • 81% preferred the new lights to the old lights, with improvements in light quality and energy efficiency the most cited reasons for preferring the new lights
  • 90% of respondents would recommend rollout of LEDs across the City of Sydney.

Presumably due to higher attractiveness and better safety, results also indicate that 50% of participants were more likely to use Alexandria Park at night, and 24% were more likely to visit Martin Place at night. Of the remaining respondents in all of the above cases, there was either no preference expressed or they were unsure – with negative answers generally coming from only 2% to 4% of the individuals surveyed.

And it's not just Sydney's residents who are enjoying the glowing benefits of LEDs. These positive responses are aligned with those from public surveys conducted in global LED trials, of which the combined evidence reveals the huge improvements that LEDs are starting to offer to city dwellers around the world.

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