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The Climate Group, Green Union and CDP urge corporate climate action in China

25 May 2012
The Climate Group, Green Union and CDP urge corporate climate action in China

BEIJING: The Climate Group has signed an agreement with Chinese NGO Green Union and international institution CDP to urge public companies to shoulder environmental and climate responsibilities

The Climate Group and CDP will exert their unique experience in corporates' carbon information disclosure and carbon strategies to act as supporting institutions for the program, particularly in the field of climate change.

A program publication entitled, China’s Public Companies’ Environmental Responsibility Investigation Report will be published by the end of 2012, and will serve as the foundation for the three partners to further strengthen China’spublic companies’ abilities to take on climate responsibilities.

Green Union is a volunteer group organized by active Chinese experts on corporate social responsibility (CSR), which works with almost 100 environmental NGOs, environmental journalists, and college volunteers. Supported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League in 2011, Green Union have launched the Investigation into China’s Public Companies’ Environmental Social Responsibility Programme. Green Union cooperates with Shanghai Exchange to investigate corporations that issue CSR reports and publish independent CRS ratings.

Through collaboration by the three leading organizations, the program will encourage public companies to disclose environmental information and carry out equivalent responsibilities.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group, said: “With intensive international climate change negotiations and explorations into domestic carbon markets taking place nowadays, it is high time that corporations start to take notice of carbon reduction, setting carbon strategies, and bearing climate responsibilities. The Climate Group’s Carbon Treasure Program has developed the guideline for Chinese corporate strategies and provided specific advice for the electric power, finance and supply chain management sectors. The concert with Green Union and CDP is an extension of this Program. We hope to discuss with more corporations, ways to build carbon strategies after taking into account international and domestic climate policies and the development of the carbon market. We seek sustained progress until the corporations become leaders of practising climate responsibilities.”

Rusong Li, China Programme Director, CDP, said: “CDP is looking forward to the association with Green Union and The Climate Group. We will take advantage of our international networks, which link institutional investors and multi-national corporations, as well as questionnaires that we have refined after years of tests to assist Chinese corporations to fully understand their current conditions and to make prudent considerations. The corporations can thus achieve overall advancement in practice and incorporate carbon strategies into their comprehensive operation strategies. We aim to make Chinese corporations greener and enhance their international competitiveness.”

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