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The Climate Group launches HSBC Clean Cities Film

15 December 2010

The HSBC Climate Partnership is a five-year programme between HSBC, The Climate Group, Earthwatch Institute, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and WWF, to inspire action on climate change. Since 2007, The Climate Group has been working to reduce the carbon emissions of major cities – with a focus on Hong Kong, London, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai.

Four years on, the HSBC Clean Cities Film showcases some of The Climate Group's achievements that have been enabled by the ground-breaking Partnership:

  • London: The Together campaign helped consumers save over a million tonnes of CO2 and over £300 million on household bills

  • Hong Kong: 62 leading corporations helped their employees reduce their carbon footprint by 20% as part of the Hong Kong Carbon Reduction Campaign

  • Shanghai: A new coalition of business and government is leading people to a Clean Revolution in China

  • Mumbai: We're working with India's banks and government to unlock finance for clean technologies

  • New York: Our LED street lighting pilots are helping New York achieve its greenhouse gas reduction target of 30% by 2030

Steve Howard, CEO, The Climate Group, says: "We've got new collaborations where we have cities around the world working with businesses actually saying this is a shared problem; this is a grand public-private partnership that we can deliver together. Financing the future, using policy, using the procurement and leadership of the city with business innovation and investment. The clean revolution is beginning. And that will have been started as a result of this marvellous partnership that we've had."

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