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UK Energy Bill: The Climate Group responds

23 May 2012
UK Energy Bill: The Climate Group responds

LONDON: Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group, comments on the publication of the draft UK Energy Bill

“The draft UK Energy Bill is a step in the right direction; but it could have greater low-carbon direction and ambition. It has positive elements – but in certain parts it creates uncertainty". 

“Manoeuvring the UK away from its dependency on fossil fuels to a low-carbon, energy-secure future will be no mean feat. We need, over the next few months, clarity on both how and when. We need a clear signal that renewable energy is going to be at the very centre of our national strategy for growth”.

“Britain has a window of opportunity, to build our economy around low carbon, high opportunity green technologies. That’s the best way forward for the UK, for more jobs, energy security and clean, affordable energy.” 

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