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UK PM takes leaf out of Chancellor's 'green agenda is a burden' book

26 April 2012
UK PM takes leaf out of Chancellor's 'green agenda is a burden' book

LONDON: Mark Kenber, CEO of The Climate Group, comments on the Prime Minister’s address to the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM3) today.

He said: “Yesterday it was confirmed that the UK is now again in recession. The economy isn’t growing. Unemployment is rising. Now, more than ever, we need to support those sectors of the economy that are actually growing and are creating jobs.

“Amidst this gloomy economic outlook, one sector of the economy is indeed growing at a startling rate of 4% per year. It now contributes 7% of the UK’s GDP and employs 900,000 people. It is the green economy sector. Our best hope for sustainable, sustained growth, more jobs and higher energy security – that doesn’t harm the environment and addresses climate change. 

“Today’s speech by the Prime Minister (PM) could have been a clear message that the UK is open for green business. It should have sent a clear signal to investors. Especially after two years of Prime-Ministerial silence.

“It did not. 

“Instead it effectively reiterated the false dichotomy between "non-affordable" renewables and "affordable" fossil fuels, in effect cementing the Government's clear preference for the latter. Today the PM sided with those in his government that feel that the green agenda is a "burden". It is a costly, short-sighted error of judgement.

“This is more than a missed opportunity. It is not only a failure of leadership. It is nothing short of neglect of Britain’s economy and future.”

Read more on The Climate Group's solution to the economy, the climate and our future: the Clean Revolution.

You can ask Mark Kenber questions directly during his live Q&A on Twitter, next Tuesday May 1 at 10am GMT. Find out more here

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