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Analysis: Prospects for Carbon Trading in China

19 January 2011
Analysis: Prospects for Carbon Trading in China

In March 2011, the central government of China will release its 12th Five-year Plan which will address critical domestic issues including plans to improve national energy efficiency. The policy blueprint for the next five years is expected to focus on expanding avenues to improve energy intensity that will help ensure China’s ambitious targets on the low carbon economy are met during a period of rapid urbanization and industry restructuring. One of the avenues that will be explored over the next five years in China will be carbon trading.

Ahead of the anticipated release of the 12th Five-year Plan, The Climate Group surveyed a number of leading experts and key observers in China and elsewhere to better understand the prospects for domestic carbon trading with a look toward implementation readiness, as well as larger opportunities and challenges ahead. Our initial inquiry led us to publish this briefing paper.

Learn more about our groundbreaking work in Greater China, and for information on the role of China’s local governments and businesses in developing a low carbon future, read our recent release of the China Clean Revolution Report III.

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