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Arup helps shape WEF energy efficiency report

01 November 2011
Arup helps shape WEF energy efficiency report

LONDON: World-leading experts from Arup have helped shape a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), which highlights how energy efficient buildings can generate green jobs, create cleaner cities and potentially deliver a multi-billion dollar market

The WEF report entitled A Profitable and Resource Efficient Future: Catalysing Retrofit Finance and Investing in Commercial Real Estate, outlines the case for improving properties through retrofitting, to cut costs and boost green growth.

Because buildings are responsible for 40% of the world’s energy consumption and 40% of all carbon emissions, the report argues that the opportunity for retrofitting is vast. Potentially energy efficiency measures in the US would create up to one million jobs, and the retrofitting market could reach US$400 billion per year in the US, and US$16 billion per year in the UK.

To make the most of this opportunity, the report suggests supporting policy recommendations including:

  • standardized efficiency ratings for buildings
  • tax and investment incentives
  • ready available data on buildings

Fiscal and policy challenges that could hinder this growth can be overcome with collaborative efforts between governments, property owners and tenants, the report explains.

Colin Dyer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jones Lang LaSalle and Chair, World Economic Forum Retrofit Finance & Investing Project said: “This report provides clear insight into the opportunities and barriers to success, and suggests effective public policy measures to drive increased energy performance in commercial buildings. Its recommendations should be a call to arms for every country and city concerned about the threat of climate change, and also for property owners who want to remain cost-competitive in the face of rising energy costs.”

Chris Luebkeman, Director of Global Foresight and Innovation, Arup said: “This report offers a clear set of actions for policy-makers and industry, starting now, making the low carbon economy a reality for all our futures.”

Molly Webb, Head of Smart Technologies, The Climate Group, says: “This report shows the huge and still untapped resource of efficiency in buildings, and reminds us that the first step to realizing this opportunity is basic building measurement and performance reporting. From there, a scalable market for energy efficiency becomes possible.”

Read the WEF report

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