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Leading Asia power utility CLP reveals decrease in carbon intensity

18 April 2013
Leading Asia power utility CLP reveals decrease in carbon intensity

HONG KONG: CLP Holdings has released its 2012 Sustainability Report, revealing a dip in carbon intensity for Asia’s biggest investor-owned power company.

Hong Kong-based CLP Holdings operates an electricity generation, transmission and distribution business, providing for 80% of Hong Kong’s population. Outside Hong Kong, CLP holds investment in the energy sector in Australia, Chinese Mainland, India and Southeast Asia. Its diversified portfolio of generating assets uses a wide range of fuels including coal, gas, nuclear and renewable sources. The company is one of the largest external investors in the mainland’s renewable energy sector and one of the largest investors, foreign or domestic, in India’s wind sector. In Australia, its wholly-owned subsidiary Energy Australia is one of the largest integrated energy companies, providing gas and electricity to 2.8 million customers.

The Sustainability Report states that the company had good environmental performance and met all regulatory emission requirements in the countries it operates in.

CLP’s group carbon intensity was lower at 0.77 kgCO2/kWh in 2012, a decrease of 3.8% vs its 2011 intensity of 0.8 kgCO2/kWh. At the end of 2012, its total non-carbon emitting generation capacity increased to 23.8%, of which renewables accounted for 20.2%.

Speaking about CLP Group’s progress over the last decade, Dr Jeanne Ng, Director – Group Environmental Affairs, CLP Holdings said: “On the business front, we have grown from an electricity generation company based primarily on conventional fuels to a regional utility with a diversified portfolio while seeking to lower our carbon intensity. On the reporting end, we have been transparent about our values, vision and strategy and goals, as well as successes and challenges we face in developing the business case of sustainability in the Asia Pacific region.

“In 2011, CLP developed its Sustainability Framework, which identifies four fundamental pillars of a sustainable business, namely, Energy Supply, Business Performance, People and Environment with a total of 15 goals to help guide CLP in maintaining a sustainable business. The 2012 Online SR adopts the reporting structure of our Sustainability Framework for the first time. We believe reporting our performance against the goals set under each of these areas will enable investors and other stakeholders to assess our sustainability performance in a broader, connected picture.”

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group, said: "We are delighted to have the close partnership with CLP to advance the clean revolution in the power sector in the region. CLP's steadfast efforts and leadership have played an important role in transforming the power sector by showcasing the business successes in pursuing a sustainability agenda.

"Asia is the world growth engine today; it contributes more than 50% of the global economy. And the growth momentum is expected to continue when a clean revolution in the power sector becomes the most critical element for both regional and global sustainability. We look forward to continued partnership with CLP in leading the global clean energy revolution."

Read CLP's 2012 Sustainability Report.

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