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Australia climate warning from top scientists must spur action for a smarter future

05 April 2013
Australia climate warning from top scientists must spur action for a smarter future

MELBOURNE: The Australian Climate Commission has released a report which states that climate change is increasing the intensity of Australia’s extreme weather.

The report, which has been endorsed by the CSIRO (the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) and leading climate scientists includes the following key findings:

  • Climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of many extreme weather events, adversely affecting Australians.
  • Climate change is also making many extreme weather events worse in terms of impacts on people, property and communities as well as the environment.
  • There is a high risk that extreme weather events such as heatwaves, heavy rainfall, bushfires and cyclones will become even more intense in Australia over the coming decades.
  • Only strong preventive action now and in the coming years can stabilize the climate and halt the trend of increasing extreme weather for our children and grandchildren.

Tim Flannery, Chief Commissioner, Australian Climate Commission said: “Protecting the community means strong preventative action through deep and swift cuts in emissions this decade, to stabilize the climate and halt the trend toward more intense extreme weather.”

The Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) released a statement supporting the Commission’s report, warning that emergency services must prepare for a more extreme climate. Paul Considine from AFAC states: “Planning, resourcing and community engagement are going to be important for the future.”

Caroline Bayliss, Australia Director, The Climate Group says: “This report reminds us why we must act swiftly to scale up research, investment and deployment of clean technologies, to allow our economy to continue to grow while drastically reducing the emissions that will lead to the runaway climate change and resulting extreme weather outlined here.

"We must push for the policies that will spur action from the private sector to invest in these technologies, if we are to have a smarter, safer future for all. This wake up call tells us it’s time to stop debating the science and focus on urgent climate change mitigation.”

Read the Australian Climate Commission report

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