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Australian businesses rally behind a price on carbon

06 July 2011
Australian businesses rally behind a price on carbon

MELBOURNE: Thirty-nine companies including Infigen, Grocon, and The Body Shop have signed on to a joint statement backing a price on carbon in Australia, showing that businesses from right across Australia's economy are already seeing the opportunities inherent in the journey to a low carbon economy

The companies join previous signatories including GE, AGL, Fujitsu, IKEA, Alstom, Johnson Controls and Pacific Hydro to make up a total of 55 companies that have pledged their support for a carbon price. 

Daniel Grollo, CEO of Grocon, said: “Personally I’m in favor of a cost on carbon. As I look forward in Australia, I see us at the threshold of some fantastic times and I get disillusioned when I see some critical decisions that need to be made for our future getting bogged down in politics.”

Mark Kindness, CEO of The Body Shop Australia, said: “Practicing responsible environmental stewardship and advocating for strong climate change legislation is a key priority for us as a business. We hope the price on carbon will act as an incentive for corporate Australia to think twice before choosing carbon intensive business practices.”

The statement has been facilitated by The Climate Group in partnership with WWF, The Climate Institute, The Investor Group on Climate Change and The Clean Energy Council.

The major Australian and international corporations and representative associations operating across the Australian economy that have signed the Statement, represent a wide variety of sectors from across the economy, including infrastructure, energy, capital, technology and retail

The statement comes as the Australian Government announced it will release the details of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee negotiations on the design of a carbon price on Sunday.

The new wave of businesses signing the statement coincides with the launch of a website called Business for a Clean Economy. The site will allow other businesses, no matter what their size or industry, to show their support for a price on carbon

Caroline Bayliss, Australia Director of The Climate Group, says that the introduction of a well-designed carbon price in Australia will support the transition to a low carbon economy: “Putting a price on carbon will incentivize businesses to find carbon-cutting solutions where they are cheapest and most efficient. It will also be critical in economical reform, providing business certainty and unlocking the jobs and investment that will accompany the transition to a prosperous, cleaner and internationally-competitive economy. I urge other businesses to sign on and support this statement. Australia must aim to be globally competitive in clean energy, energy efficiency and low carbon technology. As the costs of action are outweighed by the costs of delay the carbon price should be implemented as soon as possible. A price should be accompanied by appropriate transitional assistance for households and business, as well as complementary measures that reduce emissions. We look forward to working with the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee and all members of Parliament as they implement a carbon price.” 

The next four months will now see carbon price legislation drafted and debated in Australian Parliament, and this business support will continue to provide an important voice in the debate.

Please go to to read the statement and see the list of signatories.

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