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BT release Better Future report

17 June 2012
 BT release Better Future report

RIO DE JANEIRO: Member of The Climate Group, BT Group, has published its environment-focused CSR publication, the Better Future Report

The report covers a decade of social and sustainability reporting up until March 2012, illustrating how BT is transforming into a low carbon business leader.  Highlights include:

  • BT is the first company in the world to have the carbon footprints of its products independently verified by the Carbon Trust to the new international GHG Protocol Product Standard.
  • The carbon footprint of BT was reduced through using less energy. Despite increased business volume, a 3.3% energy cut in 2011-2012 saved BT £21.9 million, which is the third consecutive year that BT has reduced energy consumption
  • Carbon emissions intensity has dropped by 60% since 1997
  • BT is working with governments to develop energy labeling to help consumers source lower-carbon energy
  • Another way BT has helped customers find smarter, lower-carbon solutions, is a system it introduced in Spain’s Banca Civia branches. BT’s project cut the bank’s carbon by a quarter, while cutting their electric bills by £346,000. 

Outlining the Better Future strategy, the report says: ‘We make many positive contributions to society, the economy and the environment that we operate in through our people, products and services, and using resources responsibly. We know that there is more to do to help meet the challenges that society faces, and that we need to step up to deliver on our leadership ambition.’

Molly Webb, Head of Smart Technologies, The Climate Group said: “The report shows that BT is making continual progress to reduce emissions annually in spite of a growth in operations, and is now focused not only on net reductions in its own operations, but on the ‘net good’ of the business to provide low carbon products and services for its customers.”

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