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China: Jet Li One Foundation and The Climate Group form partnership on climate change

26 March 2009
China: Jet Li  One Foundation and The Climate Group form partnership on climate change

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair met kung fu star Jet Li in Beijing yesterday to launch the partnership, which will deliver a series of low carbon projects in China and support efforts to agree an international climate deal in Copenhagen later this year.

Mr Blair, who supports international NGO The Climate Group, and Li, founder of One Foundation, gave each other a bear hug after the signing ceremony.

The MoU commits {theclimategroup} and One Foundation to a number of strategic initiatives. The partnership aims to launch low-carbon pilot projects in Tianjin and Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province in southwest China. The One Foundation will join The Climate Group's efforts to build business and government support for a global deal on climate change at the UNFCCC conference in Copenhagen this December. The two organisations will also work together to help Chinese consumers build a low-carbon lifestyle.

Speaking at the ceremony, Tony Blair said, "The biggest challenge is how the developed and developing worlds put their efforts together.

"My point of view is not to force people to do the impossible but to do the maximum possible in a practical approach, such as technology exchanges and fostering the development of poorer countries.

"I wish to see more collaboration between The Climate Group and One Foundation in the climate arena. And I believe through your partnership and efforts, the world will be a much better place tomorrow."

Jet Li said, "Leaders all over the world are talking about the aims to reduce carbon emissions by 2025. But we, (as ordinary people) consuming energy every day, need to change our concepts and take action now. Climate change is a huge challenge for us human beings. As individuals, we need to think how to save energy and how to lead a low-carbon life. "


About One Foundation


The Jet Li One Foundation was founded by Jet Li in 2007. As a China-based international charitable organization, it has offices in the mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States. One Foundation's four pillars of focus are: education, health, environment, and poverty.


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