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"Climate change is on the table", Changhua Wu tells World Economic Forum in Abu Dhabi

20 November 2013
"Climate change is on the table", Changhua Wu tells World Economic Forum in Abu Dhabi

BEIJING: This week, our Greater China Director, Changhua Wu, spoke at the World Economic Forum in Abu Dhabi, where she called on 1,500 gathered leading experts to forge a global framework on climate action.

The sixth World Economic Forum Summit on the Global Agenda saw thousands of business, government and civil society leaders come together to discuss the various future risks of inequality and instability, including climate change.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group is also chair of the WEF global agenda council of climate change. Explaining how action on global challenges such as climate change must be collaborative across countries, sectors and stakeholders, she relayed her findings from WEF discussions over the past three days: “22 councils have listed the drivers for transformation related to climate change issues and 20 councils have expressed a strong desire to learn from the climate change council. Climate change is on the table. It is on many people’s agendas today. It is cross-cutting. I think from some of the discussions over the past three days, we have understood the realities of support needed to address global issues like climate change and sustainability. Richness in knowledge and information is so important. From the consultations I was very impressed by the sheer number of case studies and best practises out there, that can help form a solid foundation to build more innovative solutions to the climate challenge."

Changhua called on the 1,500 experts and leading thinkers in the Forum’s Network of 86 Global Agenda Councils to form coalitions or clusters in order to build a global framework for climate action, especially over the next two years when a global climate deal is expected: "Yesterday in our climate change thematic discussion, someone said Martin Luther King’s ‘I had a dream’ speech - he didn’t say ‘I had a nightmare, or I am 35% sure about this’. We all know the risk around climate change at the global level. We have to make sure we align our actions together to come up with constructive, innovative and effective solutions. If we fail in the next two years, we risk losing a huge opportunity in front of us now."

Closing her remarks on the panel she covered the climate priorities of China's new leaders. She said: "Ecological civilization has been put up high on agendas of China's new leaders, which is fascinating, this is about value. Somehow we should clearly define why are we growing economically, and through that, define clearly the relartionship between human beings and nature, and embrace that value firmly in the human system."

Closing the Summit, Co-Chair Sultan Saeed Nasser Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, stressed: “Without stability, we will have a lot of challenges. The stability of countries is what is needed.”

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