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Construction waste recycling in China: The Climate Group releases new report

23 January 2014
Construction waste recycling in China: The Climate Group releases new report

GUANGZHOU: At the fourth Low Carbon Forum in Guangzhou, China last week, The Climate Group launched a report, Construction and Demolishing Waste Recycling in China, which analyzes low carbon processes for recycling waste from building construction.

The report, which was supported by Beijing Xin Ao Concrete Group, was written for Chinese government and business leaders, and a Mandarin version of the report is available here

Waste generated from building construction and demolition is both a challenge and opportunity for China’s rapid urbanization process. On an annual basis, 1.5 billion tons of construction waste is generated in China, causing environmental pollution and occupying land. Finding effective and low carbon methods of recycling and reusing this waste could make a significant impact in China’s carbon emissions.

The report was written following a series of field trips, expert interviews and consultations, industrial sector research and investigation, workshops and city tours.

Changhua Wu, Greater China Director, The Climate Group, said: “In China, up to 5% of total construction waste is recycled and reused, compared with 95% in many industrialized countries. There is therefore a real opportunity for business and government leaders to scale up engagement, resources and expertise to support healthy, low carbon industrial sector development."

The assessment and recommendations in the report aim to bring more attention from public and private sectors, as well as the society at large, to resource recovery issues in China's currently rapid urbanization process.

The report was written as part of The Climate Group’s China Redesign program which aims to innovate how cities work with solution partners, in order to speed up the deployment of low carbon technologies, products and services. The program focuses on eight critical issues: city design, city performance, climate finance, city finance, energy use, construction materials, energy supply and circular economy.

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