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Dell using smart grid technology to back pioneering energy 'big data' research

11 December 2012
Dell using smart grid technology to back pioneering energy 'big data' research

LONDON: Member of The Climate Group, Dell, has joined an advisory council to help accelerate pioneering energy 'big data' research using smart grid technologies.

The industry advisory council will inform the Austin-based energy and smart grid research non-profit, Pecan Street, in its mission to conduct the most detailed consumer energy study in the US.

Pecan Street’s complicated data research, areas of which include electric vehicle integration, consumer electricity use and solar uptake, depends on high-performing data management systems.

As a member company, Dell will offer its technology and ICT expertise to help accelerate the energy big data research.

Dell is also providing the organization with vital equipment such as data center infrastructure as well as workstations for researchers.

David Lear, Executive Director of Sustainability, Dell, states: “Pecan Street is conducting ground-breaking research that will shape the next generation of energy systems. Information technology and data management will be crucial to these smarter grids, and Dell is proud to put technology and expertise toward the goal of ensuring our energy future is efficient and sustainable.”

Kirsten Jack, Acting Head of Smart Technologies, The Climate Group, commented: “Dell’s innovative leadership on integration of big energy data and smart grid technologies is invaluable to this important research. For a number of years Dell has also provided super-computing resources to ‘T-Gen’ for its gene sequencing research, and it’s great to see them now utilizing their resources to help analyze such a wealth of energy information; exactly the kind of findings from which will strengthen the evidence base we are developing here at The Climate Group.”

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