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Dell wins prestigious sustainability award, unveils carbon-negative packaging plan

28 May 2014
Dell wins prestigious sustainability award, unveils carbon-negative packaging plan

NEW YORK: Global IT giant, Dell, has been named the winner of the prestigious "Vision for America" award for its sustainability leadership.

This national prize is awarded by nonprofit Keep America Beautiful, and recognizes a US company which has driven positive change across American communities.

The American honor has placed the spotlight on the IT corporation which has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental issues, including tackling climate change by reducing emissions.

Dell's 2020 Legacy of Good Plan outlines how the company can operate in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way and sets out 21 ambitious goals which have become key reference points for the business’ global operations. One of the most important of these is the 10x20 Goal which seeks to generate 10 times more benefit through Dell technology than it takes to make and use it. 

In fact the national award announcement was closely followed by the unveiling of Dell's new sustainability efforts which have the potential to significantly further its Legacy for Good aspirations.

This fall, Dell will be the first in the IT industry to introduce carbon-negative packaging, AirCarbon, through collaboration with Newlight Technologies, it was revealed.

In contrast to most plastics which are made from fossil fuels, AirCarbon is made from captured methane and actually sequesters more carbon that it produces. 

While Dell is currently only using the packaging in the US, the company hopes to roll out this innovative packaging to global operations, and possibly to product manufacturing once the pilot scheme is complete.

In addition to carbon-negative packaging, Dell is keen to progress the circular economy for IT and has disclosed a new project which will turn plastics from recycled electronics back into new systems. The company’s new closed-loop supply chain, which is the product of a partnership with Wistron GreenTech, will reduce e-waste considerably. Closed loop recycling will also cut carbon emissions by 11% when introduced in June, the IT leader has stated.

During the 2013 financial year Dell also achieved its 2008 goal of recycling more than 1 billion pounds of electronics, approximately the equivalent of 46 million standard desktops.

Similarly, by utilizing materials such as bamboo, mushroom and wheat straw for packaging, more than 58% (by volume) of the computer manufacturer’s packaging is recyclable or compostable. Furthermore, Dell has pledged that 100% of its packaging materials will be recyclable by 2020.

In light of the award, Michael Dell, Founder and CEO of Dell, shared his delight that the company’s work was being acknowledged, but emphasized there is a lot more to do.

"It's an honor to be recognized for our long-standing commitment to our planet and the communities we call home—but we're really just getting started," the CEO remarked. "We are finding new and better ways to do business that protect and benefit the world and, even more important, enable our customers to do the same."

Amy Davidsen, Executive Director, The Climate Group North America, praised the pioneering company, stating: “We are extremely proud of our member Dell’s Legacy of Good Plan.  It is another example of Michael Dell’s leadership and innovation in the IT sector – paving the way for a better, cleaner, low carbon future for all.”

Dell computer recycling

Graphic courtesy of Dell

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By Alana Ryan


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