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EU on track to meet Kyoto Protocol target

07 October 2011
EU on track to meet Kyoto Protocol target

BRUSSELS: The European Commission today published a yearly Kyoto progress report which reveals that the EU is right on track to meet, and likely exceed, the Kyoto Protocol's 8% greenhouse gas emissions reduction target.

As well as showing the great progress of the EU's emissions reductions within the international agreements, the report clearly illustrates the Clean Revolution in action through an economy growing in line with shrinking emissions; from 1990 to 2010 the EU cut emissions by 15.5%, while the economy simultaneously grew by 41%. 

The reports demonstrates the strong progress Europe has made towards reaching its targeted emissions reduction, proving that cutting carbon does not halt economic growth, but accelerates it. 

In an EU-issued statement, Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action said of the Kyoto progress report: 'The EU continued decoupling emissions from GDP during the recession. Between 2008 and 2009, emissions fell by 7.1% in the EU-27, much more than the around 4% contraction in GDP. However, last year's estimated 2.4% rise in emissions shows that we need to continue the decoupling process. Pursuing our efforts to make Europe a low carbon society is the way forward. It will stimulate technological innovation, spur economic growth and create jobs while further reducing emissions so that we meet our 2020 climate and energy targets and long term goals.''

Luc Bas, Director of European Programmes, The Climate Group says of the positive results: "While these figures do show good progress for the EU's emissions targets, more is needed. In the context of Europe's low carbon economy competitiveness and to really lead the Clean Revolution, the EU must urgently raise it's ambition."

Read the EU report 

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