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G8 and G20 must not forget climate change

22 June 2010
G8 and G20 must not forget climate change

Leaders from the G8 and G20 will meet this weekend in Ontario, Canada. The theme of this year’s G8 meeting is leadership on development, peace and security. The G20 will focus on sustainable and balanced growth, and the reform of both the financial sector and international financial institutions.

While climate change is not a major theme this year of either meeting, it must be front and centre of discussions in both. Neither global security, sustainable development or economic prosperity can be achieved without addressing what remains the international communities’ greatest long-term challenge.

In an article in the G8 Climate Change magazine, The Climate Group’s CEO, Steve Howard, outlines his views on the post-Copenhagen world and the role which the G8 and G20 need to play in shaping it.

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