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G8 leaders must embrace the Clean Revolution

26 May 2011
G8 leaders must embrace the Clean Revolution

LONDON: The G8 kicks off its annual get-together today in the French city of Deauville.  The two-day meeting of leaders from the world's largest developed economies will discuss a range of issues, including the need for 'green growth and sustainable economies'.

Published today in CLIMATE CHANGE The New Economy, The Climate Group's CEO, Mark Kenber, provides his thoughts on why the G8 leaders need to embrace a Clean Revolution to ensure the world's economy can transition to a low carbon, sustainable future.

Click here and turn to page 61 to read the full article. Extracts from the article are below.

“We know that the private sector will be critical to providing much of the finance and technology necessary for The Clean Revolution. But business also needs the right policy signals and investment frameworks to do this. This should not be a case of governments picking winners, but rather establishing the environment that ensures there are enough winners for the market to pick from.”    

 “As G8 leaders once again gather to discuss the many challenges facing the international community, they would do well to consider and take inspiration from the example being set by low carbon businesses, cities and regions. With HSBC estimating the global market for low carbon goods and services to be worth US$2.2 trillion by 2020, the opportunities are hard to ignore. As members of the world’s most powerful economic summit, G8 leaders have an obligation for ensuring that this prize is won and for unleashing a Clean Revolution.”

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