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Global studies show consumers and corporations favor clean energy

17 September 2012
Global studies show consumers and corporations favor clean energy

LONDON: Two global studies which were commissioned by Vestas reveal good news for clean energy: 85% of consumers want moreand global investment is outpacing fossil fuel generation.

The Corporate Renewable Energy Index Report 2012 (CREX) by Bloomberg New Energy Finance found that global investment in new renewables capacity has continued to rise, with 2011’s US$237 billion net investment of clean energy capacity outpacing fossil fuel generation’s US$223 billion.

A separate study which was also commissioned by Vestas and produced by TNS Gallup, the Global Consumer Wind Study 2012 (GCWS), found that 62% of consumers surveyed would be more willing to buy products from brands using wind power. The study also found that 85% of respondents want more renewable energy, with 49% willing to pay more for products produced by clean power.

Michael Liebreich, Chief Executive, Bloomberg New Energy Finance said: "The findings of the CREX report show corporations are taking an active role in purchasing their own renewable energy directly. However, the pace of growth in companies' use of renewable energy will depend on the level of political and regulatory support, and on further progress in the cost-competitiveness of these technologies.”

Vestas commissioned the reports as part of its campaign to amplify transparency of consumers and corporations' energy preferences.

“The trend of private companies investing in renewable energy is very positive,” says Morten Albaek, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Communication and Corporate Relations, Vestas Group. “We have already seen many companies such as IKEA purchasing wind turbines as part of a commitment to get all of its energy from renewable sources, and recently Aviva, the UK’s largest insurance group invested in a wind power plant in Spain as they wanted a low risk, strong yield investment.”

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