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Hong Kong icons share low carbon living advice at project launch

21 January 2013
Hong Kong icons share low carbon living advice at project launch

HONG KONG: An eclectic group of high-profile, low carbon icons gathered in Hong Kong’s Zero Carbon Building this weekend to share their support of low carbon living, with the launch of The Climate Group’s new project, Micro Carbon Operation.

The project aims to promote and build a low carbon community in Hong Kong using the collective efforts of individuals’ “micro actions”, such as interactive community engagement events and social media activities.

Around 100 low carbon leaders and citizens showed their support of “micro carbon living” at the campaign kickoff, including Dr Cheng Cho-Ming, Assistant Director (Forecast and Warning), Hong Kong Observatory; and Mike Kilburn, Senior Manager, Environment, Airport Authority Hong Kong, together with Kalmond Ma, Deputy Director, Strategic Partnership, Greater China, The Climate Group.

The new campaign is sponsored by the Hong Kong Airport International Airport Environmental Fund, and supported by the HKSAR Environment Bureau, Hong Kong Observatory, plus over 35 environmental and civic groups. More organizations are soon expected to support the cause.

Unique perspective

The Campaign Kickoff was followed by the first Micro Carbon Living Seminar in what will be a year-long series.

The seminar featured an eclectic range of high-profile "green practitioners", ranging from fashion designer to author, who shared their own take on “micro carbon living” with the audience. Kalmond Ma, Deputy Director, Strategic Partnership, The Climate Group, moderated the dialogue between speakers and the audience.

Au Gi-fu, the simple living guru  and founder of "Yan Liao Jing Tu" and ‘simple living guru’, reminded people to conduct "introspection every day" to ensure that we show respect to the environment in "every single act". He also suggested that a low carbon lifestyle is one of reduced consumption, when he said: “Happiness is not about how much you own, but how much less you desire for.”

Small steps

As a proud vegetarian and marathon-runner, Francis Ngai, co-founder of Green Monday, suggested that people begin the transformation to micro carbon living at “one’s own pace”. He said: “the most important thing is to take the first step”.

Betty Lam, author and mother of two children, revealed some of her secrets on motivating family members towards combating climate change. She stated that most important is setting good examples herself, for others to follow.

In the vein of leading by example, Benny Yuen, fashion designer and founder of, had given up the chance of “earning big” and instead began creating an “uncompromising new style in the fashion world, an evergreen fair trade fashion which is also environmentally friendly.”

The Micro Carbon Operation campaign will be sustained by five more Micro Carbon Living Seminars, ten experiential learning modules, and an eight-month photo-blogging contest.

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