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HP beats low carbon goals early in latest Global Citizenship Report

14 June 2012
HP beats low carbon goals early in latest Global Citizenship Report

LONDON: Member of The Climate Group, Hewlett Packard, has released its target-beating Global Citizenship Report (GCR), raising the bar for similar low carbon businesses reporting.

The GCR showcases how HP uses its technology and influence to make a positive impact on the world, by analyzing the company’s global citizenship policies, programs, performance and goals for the fiscal year 2011.

The report – which marks the 11th consecutive year that the HP has reported on global citizenship – boasts target-beating results across areas such as energy consumption reduction. 

Highlights of the reports which are sure to inspire other leading businesses:

  • HP reduced greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 20% between 2005 and 2011, meeting its goal two years early
  • By the end of 2011, HP cut the energy consumption of its products by 50% compared with 2005 levels, beating its original goal of a 40% reduction
  • HP reached a milestone in 2011: it had recycled two billion pounds of electronic products and supplies since 1987. 
  • HP completed energy-efficiency initiatives at customer serving data centers that are expected to save around 13 million kilowatt hours each year. This is equal to around 7,200 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. 

On top of its impressive results, the report also stands out thanks to its new employee profiles, where staff who have made exceptional contributions to global citizenship are showcased. Online, video perspectives from external stakeholders can also be found, one of which comes from our CEO, Mark Kenber

Meg Whitman, CEO, HP writes: “We’re helping make the world greener by continuing to meet and exceed our industry-leading goals for reducing the environmental impact of our operations and products, and by helping our customers reduce their environmental impact.

“In the Global Citizenship Report, you’ll learn about these stories, programs, policies, and many more. We believe that good citizenship and good business go hand in hand. A reputation as a responsible corporate citizen is a competitive advantage that supports our customer relationships, our employee commitment and our shareholder value.”

Dasha Rettew, Head of Member Engagement, North America, The Climate Group, says: “Clean Revolution leadership requires speed and scale. We have no time for incrementalism. Because of the number of businesses and consumers it reaches,  HP’s leadership in halving energy consumed by its products and meeting its GHG reduction target early, all helping address climate change and making impact that matters.”

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